How to Setup Google Authorship


Follow the instructions on this page:

For me, I chose option 2 which meant:

  • Adding a picture to my Google Plus profile
  • Adding a contributor link to my site from my Google Plus profile
  • Modifying the footer.php of my theme to include the author link.

I changed the link slightly from the example to have my name as the link text.

<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">John M. Solberg</a>

If you look at the bottom of the page, I’ve added a copyright line. My name is that link to my google profile with the rel=author parameter.


Google has another tool for testing. Go to this page: and enter your site URL. It will show you if your Authorship setup is working.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Output

Changing the Header Graphic

The header graphic is pretty low tech. I took a picture from an angle of my laptop screen. I had the view source from one of my pages showing in Chrome.

The challenge was getting the new graphic into my site. WordPress gives you the impression that you can crop your image after you upload it. I couldn’t get this to work until I cropped it in advance.